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Results Through Training is a results focused training consultancy, specialising in providing clients with customised solutions to their training and development needs.

RTT was established in 1996 in order to make a difference to customers and delegates by delivering motivational, results focused training. With the aim of long term behavioural change, the traditional "academic" approach to training was avoided in favour of solutions including coaching & consultancy. We also, of course made sure our training delivery was memorable and experiential.

Key principles

Results Through Training operates to a number of key principles:-

a) Customers pay for RESULTS not training

b) All our work is guaranteed by a money back promise

c) We work in partnership with our clients to deliver tailor made solutions. We also only work with 1 client per market sector to avoid conflicts of interest and provide competitive advantage.

d) We ensure our high standards of training are maintained by using and carefully monitoring hand picked consultants only

e) Feedback and continual improvement is vital to our future success and should be sought and acted upon continually

f) Success only comes when knowledge turns into action


Registered in England and Wales number 3391675 | VAT registration number: 694523605