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Our design service was originally created to meet the specific needs of some of our existing clients and has since become a key area of our business. As company structure and focus changes, stand alone courses delivered by external training providers may no longer be enough. Our clients wanted to use our design skills to be able to make best use of internal staff whilst, at the same time ensuring high quality, professional training is delivered.

How our Design Service could help you

a) Writing new training courses / conference sessions / sessions for team meetings and or business games for in house delivery

b) Adding creativity, variety and depth to packages already in existence

c) Creating bespoke training solutions to build on and consolidate previous initiatives

d) Using us to design bespoke training packages could save you time and help develop the internal team at the same time. No need to tie up the existing training team or employ someone to design courses


Design Packs 

What our design packs include:- :

Tailor-made training packs, designed around your objectives, products and philosophies containing :

a) Easy to use timetables

b) Colourful, professional acetates / slides

c) Activities and exercises relevant to the course to energise delegates and improve recall

d) Delegate handouts

e) Questionnaires

f) Feedback forms


Modular programmes

Many of our clients feel that training works best if it is a continuing process, with delegates developing and utilising knowledge and skills over a period of time. As a result we have become very experienced at tailor making modular programmes, designed around the needs of specific groups of delegates.

As you will see from the case histories featured, programmes can be designed for front line staff, junior managers, senior managers - indeed anyone in an organisation. Example aims might include providing newly promoted managers in their first year with a suite of skills including interviewing, performance management, teambuilding etc.

The main concept is a layering process, which enhances employee performance and produces long term results.


Briefing Meetings


Briefing meetings with the internal team are seen as an integral part of our Design Service.

Benefits of including briefing meetings are: :
a) The deliverers experience the session as delegates.

b) Questions can be answered immediately.

c) They provide ideas for delivery in addition to materials/ timetables etc.

d) Tests understanding.

The length of the briefing meetings will vary according to the complexity of the material and experience of the team whom the work is designed for. A general rule of thumb is that the briefing meeting will take as long as session which has been designed. For example a two day course would take around two days to brief.


Design Case Histories

Case History 1
The aim: to utilise the internal trainers for delivery (to both increase their skills and maximise the training budget), whilst drawing on the expertise of an experienced provider of leadership programmes.
The solution: we designed the 10 day management programme, including all the exercises and materials and ran briefing meetings / practice sessions for the internal team to ensure they were fully equipped to deliver the training effectively.

Case History 2
The aim: to update and revitalise complicated, detailed in house product training for new starters. The in house training team found the current courses “dry” and heavy going. Not surprisingly, delegate recall was low and trainer enthusiasm even lower!
The solution: we worked closely with the training manager and product experts to create a fresh, invigorating programme.

Case History 3
The aim: to develop the closing skills of the sales force and involve the sales managers in the improvement process.
The solution : we designed an easy to use facilitators pack for the managers to roll out, incorporating all the materials necessary. The managers attended a briefing session prior to rolling out the programme to address any questions & add personal anecdotes.


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