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As Results Through Training has developed close working relationships with clients, we have found that we have been able to add value in a range of ways over and above those of delivering training. As well as drawing on our advice to design and deliver extensive programmes our clients have involved us in many consultancy projects.Since the founding of Results Through Training in 1996, we have worked in a large number of industries on widely varied projects and this experience also enhances current work and adds value to clients.


Potential areas of consultancy

a) Developing strategies to cope with specific issues

b) Training needs analysis to align training plans to business objectives

c) Conducting and analysing research with internal / external customers

d) Development / revision of appraisal systems

e) Maximising return from a training budget

f) Creation of short to long term development plans for individuals & teams

g) Establishing effective measurement criteria and reward processes

h) Advice on training design, delivery, evaluation & consolidation of learning



We have listed below some of the key benefits our existing clients gained from this service:

Financial benefits
a) Training and development expertise available when required without the need to employ a full time training specialist and increase headcount

b) Tailored solutions developed to meet business needs and maximise the returns from the budget and resources available

c) A vast range of experience from a wide variety of industries (from blue chip to small sized corporates) allows a different perspective to be brought to decision making processes

d) A combination of specialist design skills, creative flair & a financial background allows us to add further value and compliment existing training & development teams

Objective advice
e) Our aim is to help our clients succeed and as a result we provide honest and impartial advice


How would customers normally use our consultancy services?
Clients can contract Results Through Training on an ongoing basis for an agreed number of days per month, or for the duration of a specific project with the flexibility of booking additional days, if required.

These days can be used for:
a) Stand alone advice on a specific topic

b) A project incorporating training design, delivery and/ or coaching

c) Ongoing learning and development advice

d) Replacing a full time training resource

e) Helping during and/or following the restructuring/ downsizing of the training function to prevent loss of performance 


Case History 1

The problem: following negative feedback from key customers, our client decided to establish and implement a customer care strategy, throughout the organisation, so that ALL staff understood their part in customer retention.
The solution: we identified an appropriate pathway for them to follow. As a part of the process, we were delighted to deliver the customer service training and work closely with appropriate line managers to offer specific advice on learning consolidation and developing a customer focused culture


Case History 2

The problem: following the introduction of an appraisal system our client wanted advice on the best way to develop a training plan for 350 sales and customer service staff, which integrated existing and new methodologies.
The solution : Results Through Training designed a series of Developmental Pathways, with different pathways for the different roles within the group. The pathways combined some existing training modules with some key new training elements


Case History 3

The problem: a key strategic new role was being created and it was vital for the client that the training was successful from the outset.
The solution : we critiqued the overall training programme structure, to ensure consistency & relevancy. We also advised on the specific content for the key sessions, ensuring a varied, powerful and memorable approach was adopted.



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